3d Scanning Solutions

Fast. Precise. Effortless.

Hightech 3D Scanning-solutions

for the efficient automation of your industrial inspection, measurement and production processes.


Quality Control

Fast and automated quality inspections of all components, assemblies & goods with groundbreaking 3D technology


Volume & surface measurement

Realtime high-precision volume and surface measurements are now possible with our software.

YOur Benefits

Our 3D-Scanning Solutions are...


to integrate into existing and new processes and can be operated by any of your employees.


in data processing to guarantee you minimal process times.


as they are tailored to your individual requirements to save you time & money.

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that already use & trust our software

Founders: Pius Finkel, Tristan Kenneweg, Tim Staudenrausch


As a high-tech start-up from the Allgäu region, we at Pandia 3D use the latest advances in 3D technology and artificial intelligence programming to make 3D scanning solutions an integral part of digitalisation.

Our team consists of highly motivated developers and entrepreneurs. With our experience from industry and the necessary academic know-how, we bring the latest findings from research to the business world.

TQ Systems GmbH has supported us with valuable advice, interesting contacts and financial assistance along the way, in addition to numerous programmes.


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