High-Tech Solutions out of the Allgäu

Latest 3D technology. Customer-oriented software development. Artificial intelligence.

The Founders

Pius Finkel

Business Development

M. Eng. Technical Innovation and Product Management

With his industrial experience in technology management at Robert Bosch GmbH and in product cost optimization at Bentley Motors Limited, Pius is in charge of sales and finance at our company.

"The early involvement of our customers in product development is particularly important to me."

Tristan Kenneweg


M. Sc. Physics and Computer Science

With his industrial experience as an automation engineer and cross-plant project manager at TQ-Group GmbH, Tristan is in charge of the management and product development at our company.

"Fast and customer-oriented development cycles lead to our efficient and elegant solutions."

Tim Staudenrausch

Technical Development

B. Sc. Game Engineering

As an expert in 3D technologies as well as a specialist in high performance and parallel computing, Tim handles software development and hardware testing for us.

"The efficiency and beauty of our code is especially important for me."

Our Team

Our team consists of highly motivated developers, entrepreneurs and students. With experience from industry and academic know-how, we bring the latest research findings to our applications.

Thus, we combine our knowledge from the fields of computer science, physics, product development, business and game engineering. By regularly supervising interns and final theses, we ensure a constant transfer of knowledge.

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Pandia 3D Logo

The Meaning of Pandia

The Greek goddess Pandia (Engl: ‘very bright’) is considered the personification of light in her mythology. By making use of the physical laws of light, we generate data with which we advance the digitalisation of industrial processes.

Our intelligent algorithms generate detailed three-dimensional (=3D) images of reality, enabling groundbreaking applications from continuous volume measurement to robot-assisted assembly or welding.

Today, we support both man and machine with real-time generated 3D data and individual evaluations. In the near future, we will enable robots to act and adapt autonomously to unforeseen events based on our data.